Our Motto - Service Over Self

Quality Policy - "Deliver Quality IT Services and IT Products that solve others' problems"

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Introduction is a proprietorship based start-up company registered on 08/08/2014 with Central Board Of Excise And Customs, India.

What does do? provides,
- Online information and database access service and retrieval service through computer network.
- Information Technology software services.

Projects Implemented launched a low cost Hindu matrimony portal on 22-08-2014 that is leveraged by subscribers to get list of contact details of prospective brides and grooms. In addition, Priests and Cooks who are required during marriages can also subscribe here and their contact details are available only to all the bride/groom subscribers.This is the first time technology has been leveraged for improving the business of the Priests and Cooks.
An online CRM tool for the Indian farmer, was launched on October 4th 2017.

Research And Development Activities

I have released the code of my BusinessEnhancer project as open source and I hope companies all around the world use my code. I am dedicating this code to entire human race.

Projects we would like to undertake

Development Projects Telecom Domain - SS7, SIGTRAN, AAA Protocols - RADIUS and DIAMETER
Any VC++ - MFC, COM projects
Any Core Java Projects
Ant and Maven Technology.
Testing Projects in Telecom and Datacom Domain.