Hypothesis in real world

If any of the private or governmental agencies anywhere in the world have data to be analysed for any of the hypothesis mentioned here, contact me on my mobile number, I can analyse it for you.You can send your hypothesis as well as data and that also can be analysed by me.

Sl.no Hypothesis
1 Covid19 is going to be eradicated by 31st December 2020.
2 Covid19 cases will increase if schools are reopened.
3 Wearing of home-made masks decreases the number of Covid19 cases.
4 There are no research scientists in medicine who can find vaccine for Corona virus.
5 Indian GDP is not going to increase by 1% in the next one year.
6 Intelligent and well deserving citizen cannot enter indian politics.
7 Appropriate jobs for Bachelor Of Engineering degree students have not been created in the industry.
8 Significance of BE degree in Information Industry and Engineering services industry has diminished.
9 Rheumatoid arthritis is a curable disease.
10 Certain crops can grow in drylands.
11 During next monsoons, floods can be avoided in areas close to rivers and dams.
12 Software testing increases the ROI of a software project.
13 Reviewing of code in software project increases the ROI of the project.
14 Tag clouds increase the sales of newpapers
15 Online education is going to replace physical schools and colleges.
16 Online education will affect the mental health of children.
17 IT services companies are thriving because of their stocks in share market rather than efficiencies of their software engineers and managers.
18 IT services companies can survive without employing BE engineers as individual contributors.
19 Freelance software programmers have increased the Indian GDP.
20 Importing goods from underdeveloped nations can increase the Indian GDP.
21 Only uneducated women from poor families get gangraped.
22 Landslides during monsoons are because of deforestation.
23 Landslides during monsoons are because of mining activities.
24 Verbal and physical abuses on unmarried career women has increased in India
25 IIT graduates contribute to more than 30% of the Indian GDP.
26 Per capita income of households is going to decrease in 2021.
27 Human bones and joints deteriorate because of electromagnetic interferences.
28 The stock prices of IT services companies are soaring because of employees working beyond nine hours per day.