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I spent more than 3 years working on my own projects and certain reraffs in society employed by some bigshot companies such as Tata Sons and Infosys stole my code from data recovery office. They got my client project stopped using a corrupt, novice Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha. By the end of all this, I had developed Rheumatoid Arthritis because of excessive coding for long hours. Because of these risks, I stopped coding and creating new applications. All my domain and coding knowledge are stuck in my brain and it is only my country and society that is affected because of this. Acquiring skillsets in software coding and domain knowledge requires many years of dedication and passion. If country's economy has to progress, then technical people like me must be protected and our artifacts must be guarded by Government of India. If our Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi can imagine a software service or application and provide me the inputs, I can create a website or application. That is the superiority of the quality of the skills, I have acquired. For my own sake, I decided to delete all copies of my projects in my pendrives and hard-disk. Yet, these superior artifacts can be leveraged by software engineers, coders and students of Engineering and Computer Science all over the world and therefore uploaded the compressed files here. I hope my code is used all over the world and some day they become commercial products.

A replica of MS-Excel

A Replica Of MS-Excel in Java Project Idea Document

Projects Implemented launched a community matrimony portal in 2013 that is leveraged by subscribers to get list of contact details of prospective brides and grooms.
An online CRM tool for the Indian farmer, was launched on October 4th, 2017.
Presently, is not undertaking any software development projects.