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Matrimony services

We have developed and running three matrimony portals namely,, and In the near future we are opening physical offices in Bengaluru. has launched the Hindu Matrimony Site on 22-08-2014, a low cost community centric Matrimony portal that is leveraged by subscribers to get list of contact details of prospective brides and grooms.
In addition, Priests and Cooks who are required during marriages can also subscribe here and their contact details are available only to all the bride/groom subscribers. This is the first time technology has been leveraged for improving the business of the Priests and Cooks.
Technology leveraged - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL

Farmer CRM tool

We developed and launched, an online Customer relationship management tool for the Indian farmer. It is an unique portal created to empower the Indian farmer to sell directly without involving the middlemen and therefore make excellent profits. Also we are trying to enlighten the farmers to leverage latest technologies such as IOT and predictive analytics to become profitable.

Predictive analytics


We are developing a predictive analytics tool called Business Enhancer and due to be released in March 2018. It is a Java-based Predictive Analytics tool that can be leveraged by any organisation for making their business decisions and can also be leveraged during software development and testing in order to analyse the quality of the projects leveraging statistics.

Target Audiences are,
Board Of Directors
Senior Management
Government Departments
Business Analysts
Software Developers and Testers
System Administrators

The implementation of the tool is in progress.
An unique feature of this tool is it is a pure java application.